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MS: 26 Trader Talk with Tracy Shuchart and Yra Harris

Posted on Feb 5, 2018

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Guests: (2)

Tracy Shuchart and Yra Harris

Independent Traders

Record Date:  1/30/18


  1. Understanding Correlation between EUR/USD and Crude Oil
  2. Thoughts on the price of WTI Crude Oil
  3. Weak Dollar, Strong Gold, Weak Treasuries…What does it mean?
  4. Brent and WTI Spread
  5. Rapid Fire Questions from Twitter

Resources for Tracy:

Resources for Yra:


  1. thanks for the opportunity to do this Anthony and the Yen short is still a crowded trade

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  2. Always a great show. Thanks for introducing us to these great guests. They are always a joy.

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    • Thank you Victor!! I really appreciate that. Thank you for listening to the show

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