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EP: 175 Inside DRW Venture Capital

Posted on Jan 18, 2018

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Kim Trautmann

Director, DRW Venture Capital

Record Date:  1/9/18


  1.  Why DRW Trading is doing Venture Capital
  2.  Chicago’s Role in FinTech Scene
  3.  What makes DRW different from other VC Firms
  4.  Companies DRW VC is Investing in
  5.  DRW VC Process in Choosing a Company to Invest in
  6.  Trends DRW VC Expects to See


Rapid Fire:

• Who has influenced your life the most and why?

– Mom and Dad

• #1 source you spend your time on?

– Email & Newsletters:  Pro rata, Fred Wilson, Axios, Crunchbase

• Favorite Book About Venture Capital:

-Competition Demystified

• Favorite Podcast about VC:

-How I Built This

• Best Advice Ever Received About VC:

-Don’t invest in a founder or company that you wouldn’t invest in yourself.

• Advice to Give to Firms Looking for Funding:

-Get feedback early and listen to it.  Leverage your network for introductions to investors. 

•  If you weren’t involved in VC, you’d be doing what?

-Painting and making stationery


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